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St. Leo the Great Preschool
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This week our character trait to focus on will be HUMILITY. Modest individuals let their actions and accomplishments speak for themselves. Humble people have an accurate sense of their abilities and achievements. People demonstrating these traits tend to have a strong self-esteem and a balanced view of themselves and their relation to the rest of the world. Developing humility is associated with positive developmental outcomes in individuals. It allows a person to honestly reflect on their abilities and acknowledge how and where they can improve. Humility opens them up to new ideas, advice, and abilities that pride, arrogance, or pretentiousness often block. Therefore, humility makes them desired members of a team.

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A Message from the Principal

I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of those that volunteered their time and donations for the PTA Christmas Bazaar - especially the numerous Bazaar Committees and the Christmas Bazaar Chairpeople Nicole Guida and Cassandra Meyer.  As always, school events would not be a success without the tireless efforts of our volunteers.  Thank you! The day was terrific and everyone had a great time!

With the holidays approaching, students are filled with energy and excitement! Recess is a time for students to exert energy, refresh their bodies and minds, and take that needed break from their classwork.  Students will go outside for recess unless it is too cold or we are experiencing inclement weather. Please ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather.

As always, the safety and well-being of our students is our first priority and we need your help to ensure that our students are prepared for the various weather conditions when they come to school. Thank you!


Cornelius Begley

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Upcoming Events
Fri Dec 13
"A Day"
Sat Dec 14
4th Grade Family Retreat (4:30PM) followed by Mass (5:30PM)
Tue Dec 17
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass - (9:00AM)
Fri Dec 20
"B Day"
"Dress Up Day" & Christmas Parties
No PM Care
Mon Dec 23
Tue Dec 24
Wed Dec 25
Thu Dec 26

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