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St. Leo the Great Preschool
Check out our amazing Preschool program.

This week, our student's will be focusing on Perspective during their Positivity Project lessons. People with this strength are sought out for advice because they are able to see the big picture and can make sense of the world’s complexity. This strength of perspective gives individuals the ability to see to the heart of difficult matters. Perspective lends itself in challenging times and calls on our abilities to see other people's point of view and use intellect to achieve clarity. Having perspective allows us to appreciate our blessings, and have empathy for those less fortunate. 

For more information about Perspective please click here or visit



We have been spending the summer getting the kitchen ready, creating fresh and new menu items, and sourcing sustainable products that we will be introducing over the next few months. This year the students will be seeing changes in the café that will hopefully help them continue to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

The goal of the cafeteria is to provide healthy, nutritious lunches and model good eating habits, enabling all students to concentrate, participate, and learn to their full potential.  We believe that students who choose healthy and balanced meals learn more effectively.  

Our menus are designed to ensure students receive a balanced meal that meets their nutritional needs and of course, tastes great! Some of the offerings will include homemade soups with fresh cut vegetables, scratch tomato sauces, and fresh fruits daily.  Using fresh ingredients is not only more beneficial for overall health, but a great way to have students try new foods!

Lunch of the Day
This year we will be offering a new meal plan that will do just that by providing a lunch that includes a main entrée, fresh vegetable choice, and fresh fruit choice.  Every day, students will be able to purchase a full lunch meal for the cost of $5.75.  Please refer to the monthly menus for descriptions of meals that will be available daily.  You will also notice a “Deli De Jour” listed for each day.  If a student does not opt for the main entrée, they may substitute for the deli item or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Some items will still be available for purchase a la carte.

Preorder Lunches
We will continue to provide the service of online preordering for all grade levels.  This option allows you to custom make a lunch for your child by choosing items from our preorder list. These items will be packed in a bag labeled with your child’s name and will be ready for them at their scheduled lunch giving your child more time to eat. 

Please refer to the preorder menu calendar to see what items are offered each day.  Choices may change daily based on availability.  The main entrée will not be available for online preorders.  Note: Preorder lunch will need to be placed no later than the night before by 11:59 pm.

Our online service provider remains MySchoolAccount.  Please visit to create an account.  Student accounts can be funded and reviewed as well as preorders placed through this service.  As always, students can also fund their accounts via check or cash at the café. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the at or 732-741-3136.